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Are you ready to overcome your fear of operating pressure canners and become a pro at preserving shelf-stable meat, vegetables, soups and broths?

Look no further! The Canning Diva® is here to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to safely and confidently pressure can your own food.

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Module 1: Welcome & Course Introduction

Welcome & Course Introduction

What You Will Learn and Gain from This Course

Benefits of Learning to Pressure Can Low Acid Foods

Module 2: Understanding Foodborne Pathogens & Microorganisms

What Prevents Food from Being Shelf Stable (intro)

Botulism: What is it and how to prevent it when canning

Foodborne Pathogens

Demonstration of Spoiled Food

Quiz  1

Module 3 Understanding The 3 Pillars of Home Canning Food

Understanding Time, Temperature, Acidic Value & Denisty

The testing, cumulative science and math used

Using and calibrating a food grade pH Tester

Quiz 2

Module 4: The Pressure Canner

Breakdown of Dial & weighted gauge pressure canner

Digital Pressure Canners for Home Canning

How Your Stovetop Plays a role and Work-arounds

Altitude Chart

Pressure Canning Essentials 

Quiz 3 

Module 5: Hot Packing Canning Recipe from Start to Finish

Basil Diced Tomatoes Recipe and Step-by-step Instructions

 Hot Packing Canning Recipe from Start to Finish

Learn every step to hot pack and preserve Basil Diced Tomatoes

Basil Diced Tomatoes Recipe and Step-by-step Instructions

Quiz 4

Module 6: Raw Packing Canning Recipe from Start to Finish

Learn every step to raw pack and preserve raw Chicken Breasts

Raw Stack Chicken Fajata Recipe and Step-by-Step Instructions

Chicken Spice Blend Recipes for Homemade Spices

Quiz 5 

Module 7: Expelling Misinformation & Canner Problem Solving

Learn Fact from Fiction

List of Truths

Review Common Problem Solving Tips

Review Common Problem Solving Tips

Quiz 6 

Module 8: Recap & Review

Top 10 Take Aways

The 10 Rules of Pressure Canning

Principles of Pressure Canning 201 Certification


Several more reasons why people enjoy pressure canning their own food:


Self-sustainability plays a significant role in home canning as it allows individuals to become more self-sufficient and reduce their dependence on outside sources for food. Pressure Canning provides a way for people to preserve and store their own food, reducing the need to purchase canned goods from grocery stores.

By growing their own fruits and vegetables or purchasing them in bulk when they are in season, people can save money and control the quality of the food they eat. Canning also allows them to preserve surplus produce and reduce food waste, helping to conserve resources and minimize their environmental impact.

Learning the steps to safely pressure can food in jars is a step towards self-sustainability as it provides individuals with greater control over their food supply, reduces their dependence on outside sources, and helps them to conserve resources and reduce waste.

meet your instructor

Diane Devereaux, The Canning Diva®, is a nationally syndicated food preservation expert with over 30 year’s experience in home canning and food preservation. She has successfully educated individuals in a variety of food preservation methods for over 10 years. 

Educated in culinary math, foodborne pathogens and food safety from the SECCHIA Institute of Culinary Education, Diane has successfully taught the art and craft of home canning across the globe, empowering individuals and removing fear. She regularly creates new canning recipes and techniques which are tested by an independent US-based laboratory. 

A well-known recipe creator and Best-Selling author, Diane Devereaux, The Canning Diva®, has published three cookbooks with a combined sales of over 250,000. Her fourth works, Revised & Expanded Canning Full Circle will be in stores July 2023. Her podcast, Canning with The Diva!™ is ranked Top 100 on Buzzsprout with over 25,000 downloads and growing.