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What You Can Expect to Learn at Canning University?

Select from the list of classes and start gaining knowledge of home canning and food safety. More classes will be added over the next few months so you may continue to grow your understanding of food preservation.

Principles of Pressure Canning

This Series 200 course provides in-depth learning and certification. After this online course, students will be able to:

  1. Safely and confidently preserve low-acid recipes all on your own using a pressure canner.
  2. Operate a pressure canner, whether stovetop or digital.
  3. Possess a solid understanding of how we are able to do what we do in our home kitchens through the use of science and math.
  4. Understand foodborne pathogens and how to avoid them spoiling food and making us sick.
  5. Preserve two separate pressure canning recipes after working together step-by-step in the class.
  6. Identify misnomers and misinformation to stay on track when searching the internet for new recipes to preserve.
  7.  Determine your altitude so you may safely process your home canned foods.
  8. Assess which tools and equipment are essential making your experience in the kitchen enjoyable and efficient.


 $500 Value
Over 5 hours of learning

The Art of Pickling

This Series 100 course provides students with an in-depth understanding of the many styles of pickling. After this online course, students will be able to:

  1. Know the difference between fermentation and pickling.
  2. Understand the many different types of pickles and how to preserve them.
  3. Dive into the history and culture of pickling.
  4. Possess insight into reasoning and methodology behind the art of pickling.
  5. Understand the importance of and how to create safe brine ratios for home canning.
  6. Raw and hot pack three delicious canning recipes from start to finish.
  7. Understand scientific precision while exploring culinary creativity.


 $375 Value
Over 1 1/2 hours of learning

Upcoming classes

Electives $25 each (a $75 Value) upwards of 45 minutes of learning

  1. Purchase & Use a Food Grade pH Tester
  2. Caring for Your Canning Equipment
  3. Understanding Sugars, Salts and Acids
  4. Keeping Foods Crisp & Bright During Preparation
  5. Shelf Life & Proper Storage
  6. Safe Thickening Agents for Home Canning
  7. How to Scale a Recipe using Culinary Math

and more…

Series 100 Classes $55 each (a $225 Value) over 1 ½ hours of learning

  1. Basics of Home Canning 101
  2. Principles of Water Bathing 105
  3. Art of Pickling 106
  4. Fruit Butter & Marmalades 108
  5. Everything Salsa 109
  6. Canning Fruit & Chutneys 110
  7. All Things Tomato Canning 111

and more…

Series 200 Courses $99 each (a $500+ Value) over 4 hours of learning 

  1. Vegetable & Root Crop Canning 202
  2. Canning Meat & Seafood 203
  3. Meals in Jar 204
  4. Art & Science of Dry Packing 205
  5. Home Canning Soups & Stews 212
  6. Converting Cooking Recipes into Canning Recipes 213

and more…